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Early stage roadmap and detailed product specifications for a digital bank for australian entrepreneurs


Engaged with the founder of Parpera and discussed the process of building challenger banks as he was about to embark on the planning and development phase after already completing discovery and research on the market and customer needs. As the area was an underserved market, they wanted to use experienced product expertise to ensure a quick and efficient product roadmap and requirements so they could build an MVP and test with customers as soon as possible.

What we did

Using the market, customer research and foundational Jobs-to-be-done work already done by the client, we constructed a roadmap with an Alpha version of the digital banking app as the first milestone. This contained all the components that would allow the team to test an end-to-end transaction using a debit card in a store and display the transaction in the app. As part of the work, we created detailed feature briefs outlining specific build requirements for the key features and walked the founder, engineers and design team through the format and content. We also handed over briefs for the additional work required for the MVP (the second milestone). We also set up follow-up office hours in the weeks proceeding the work so the founder, engineers and designers could ask any additional questions and use our expertise.

Product team mentoring, roadmap development and strategy for a prestigious SME lending and cashflow management fintech


Initially contacted by Satago, a fintech providing invoice financing,  credit chasing functionality, and risk insights to small businesses across the UK, to mentor the Head of Product to get the most out of the product function. The CEO also wanted to understand more about the benefits of a fully-fledged product team. The organisation was also looking to evolve its key features and explore areas of growth and expansion within the product to better serve its customers.

What we did

Started by mentoring the Head of Product, supporting them with shaping process improvements, and looking at tooling to make the product more efficient and effective. In parallel, we looked at the overall team shape, learnt about the product in-depth, analysed the product roadmap, and identified key areas where the effectiveness of the product function and the product itself could be improved. Then, before presenting them back to the CEO, we categorised these improvements into minor changes that could be made quickly, slightly more significant changes that would take a bit longer to implement, and longer-term changes that would require more work. We then made these improvements, from process changes to prioritising changes from the internal team and customers to revamping the product roadmap and looking at creating job specs for new roles in the product team. We also performed retrospective Jobs-to-be-done analyses on customers and data to better identify the problems the customer base was trying to solve and how the product solved them.  

As a result, the wider team had more clarity on the priorities for the product, clearer problem statements which made things like marketing materials and customer targeting easier to execute, and a more transparent plan for developing & scaling the product over the long term.

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