Bit of background



EUCs remain a big problem area for many organisations whether they know it or not. More commonly viewed as complex spreadsheets written by users with knowledge of technology (hence End User Computing) they often hold sensitive data, perform quite complex functions for key individuals and teams within the organisation and yet are dangerously unsecure and volatile. Spreadsheets have led to billions in losses for companies from varying industries but especially Financial Services organisations due to the calculation functions available and the ease in which users are able to model using mathematical formula.

Where We Come In



We have seen how much of a ticking time bomb these EUCs are for businesses, which are often one fat finger error away from causing crippling harm and we have a number of tangible methods that we can apply to tackle the problem. Here are some of the things we can provide for you


• Initial consultation on how an EUC strategy can benefit the/your organisation
• Outline of what the strategy is
• How it helps businesses
• The tools that are available to help with EUC management
• Company EUC policy (including development standards)
• …and more

If you want a full description of the EUC strategy we’ve implemented before,we can detail it for you, or if you just want to know what it is and what the impacts negative impact of EUCs are we can do that too. Either option or if you have very bespoke requirements send them to us and we can help out. You can also read our blog post for even more info