Bit of Background



As organisations grow, either naturally, from increased investment, expanding into other markets or absorbing other successful businesses, they become more intricate. As they become more intricate, bespoke procedures become commonplace within each team to manage day-to-day workflow and sometimes monthly or quarterly tasks. These procedures are rarely shared and inefficiencies continue to grow as the teams remain siloed and senior management are not made aware of these underlying issues.

Business Process Improvement is the art reviewing the interactions between teams, systems and individuals then mapping these out to highlight duplicated and inefficient processes for people to then resolve.

Where We Come In



We demonstrate what BPI is, perform mapping exercises with your teams and demonstrate how it can streamline & improve your business. In addition, here are some other things we can provide as part of this service:

• Initial consultation on how Business Process Improvement can benefit your specific organisation
• Business Process flow documents
• Business Process improvement advice
• Team interaction Breakdown
• Team Process Analysis

Contacts us directly to find out where you can gain the most benefit from a BPI exercise. We can also give you relevant examples of what we’ve done before