Bit of Background



The purpose of Business Analysis is to bridge the gap between technology and the business. This means translating tech phraseology into ‘Business Speak’ and business requirements into tangible things that technology teams can implement. A good BA is constantly on top of the latest trends in their respective business industry as well as technology trends and best practices across the board.

In smaller companies, it’s developers who absorb the BA role by acting as the bridge between technology and the business. However this often encroaches on their main function of creating innovative, new applications.

In larger organisations the BAs are usually the people who ‘document stuff’ and a lot of the time, rather than allowing them to add value, they end up performing periphery tasks where they are not fully utilised and create documentation that is often unused and obsolete. As well as this it’s sometimes unclear what level of analysis or what the role of the BA is within the organisation which can lead to a marginalisation of this valuable function.

Where We Come In



We provide clarity on what Business Analysis is and how it can help make your business become more efficient as we’ve practiced it for years. As well as some of the things we’ve already mentioned here are some more things we can do for you:

  • Initial consultation on how Business Analysis can benefit the/your organisation
  • Presenting BA Best practices
  • Vendor Comparisons
  • Requirements documents for projects
  • Application GAP analysis
  • Defining product roadmaps
  • Product Management and ways of working

As different organisations require different things from the Business Analysis function, the best way to find out how we can help is to contact us so you can tell us where you’re having issues and we can explain how we can help.