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Product development lifecyle


We’ll perform analysis on the market and, if needed, the existing product offering. This along with our experience in financial services means we easy identify a customer segment (or validate one that has already been identified), use the research to create key Jobs that serve specific problems for the customer and use this as the foundation for the product


At this stage we use the research and Jobs work to create the basis of a product. We’ll identify key features that will be part of the solution and map them to the Jobs for your customer segment. We’ll use this to define an MVP & MLP so you can see how the proposition can be built iteratively rather than big bang. We can also produce a formal product roadmap as we have done for other propositions.


This is the really tricky bit and is key to the success of the proposition. Although you’d assume the ‘build’ would be largely developer focussed, product is key here. From providing well defined feature briefs for devs to use to managing changes in the product, working with the whole team to define the ways of working as well as assisting with key partner vendors. Product is the glue that binds the team together and ensures that the whole team can work efficiently.


A good community growth and launch strategy will get your product into the hands of key customers. We’ll identify those brand advocates who sit at the heart of your customer segment. We’ll help with creating on brand content that will attract the right audience and ensure we tap into the right channels and communities. And of course we’ll help get the proposition to market.

Grow & Operate

Getting the product to market is just the beginning. Continuing to build on that product, creating feedback loops (validating and gathering feedback from customers), ensuring there is continuous feature discovery & development is essential to keep your customer base engaged and to move with the times. Having the processes in place to deal with things like customer support and operations is also important when building a workable and scalable product. We have experience in doing all of the above.

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