Bit of Background



FinTechs create products like trading platforms, decision-making applications as well as innovations in reporting, regulatory and accounting conventions. There has been an increase in the quantity and the importance being placed on FinTechs to come up with innovative, progressive products. But dynamic creation of products can be detrimental to the innovation process and lead to creating products that either, don’t completely fulfil the business case or lead to creating a product that quickly becomes obsolete.

How We Help You



We’ve worked within technology in the financial services space for over a decade and are up to speed with the latest updates in technology. This allows us to give FinTechs invaluable advice and tangible outputs to remain lean and relevant to their market.

We help FinTechs:

    • Ensure the processes around their product are up to date
    • Implement Business Analysis standards and practices
    • With objective analysis of the product/service
    • Create a product roadmap
    • and more

We also provide advice on FinTech trends and conventions which can be crucial to creating a progressive product roadmap.