Bit of Background



Many financial services organisations have been around for a while and been through multiple iterations of change in terms of strategy and structure. Much of this change stems from mergers/acquisitions, regulations, changes in business objectives or, quite commonly, all of the above. These changes usually lead to teams working in silos due to growth, an increase in duplicated processes due to these siloed teams and bespoke solutions being created to serve very specific requirements.

How We Help You



We have experience helping financial services organisations of varying sizes:

  • Map out their business processes
  • Come up with a strategy to tackle EUCs
  • Look at how technology can impact & transform their business
  • Help with specific projects that underpins & accelerates the long term business goals.
  • and more

As well as this, our core Business Analysis skills can help with major projects as we have assisted with major systems integrations, new software development as well as vendor onboarding/analysis.