At Bitsul, our mission is to utilise our expertise to help organisations build unique products customers love!

Our mission

At Bitsul, our mission is to utilise our expertise to help organisations build unique products customers love!

We do this by leveraging our extensive product experience, using our first-hand client project expertise, staying on the pulse of the market & best practices, as well as exploring progressive and innovative ways of doing things.

We’re a bit different

We are not like a ‘traditional’ consultancy and here are some reasons why:

We pride ourselves on creating tangible, uncomplicated outputs for our clients.

We don’t have people sitting around waiting for projects to start.

We have real-life experience actually doing the things we talk about.

We are constantly looking to measure and review how to do things in a leaner and more efficient manner.

We value and tailor our methods to the goal of each client

Our Principles

Our belief is that organisations should have solid principles and stick to them. Here are ours:

We take a Lean approach to consulting

Rather than claiming or attempting to solve all of your problems at once we look to solve one problem at a time. This means using lean principles to understand what issue we can solve for you, coming up with an approach to solve it and adding relevant success criteria to ensure that achievement of these goals are measurable.

We tailor our approach for each client

We believe that because no two clients are the same our approaches shouldn’t be either. We ensure each engagement is tailored to the client and although we have standards, we don’t take a cookie cutter approach because it’s inefficient in the long run.

We keep things simple

We like to keep things simple and although some concepts are complex we ensure the output is as clear and simple as possible. The reason behind this is that we want to ensure that our clients have the best knowledge possible and don’t need to rely on us for repeat engagements to decipher what we’ve produced (unlike other consultancies we wont mention).

About the founder

Hi, I’m Jas Shah, Founder of Bitsul. On a mission to help organisations build better products.

I started my career after graduating back in 2008 at the height of the financial crash as an engineer, building applications for traders. After quickly realising I enjoyed the creativity, problem-solving and strategy side of product development rather than writing code, I moved into a product role and have been helping build great products across a spectrum of financial services organisations ever since.

My passion for building great products and helping others build led me to set up bitsul to assist more individuals and organisations, from startups to established companies, in building great customer-centric, scalable products.

Since starting bitsul, I’ve led the planning, product requirements and early strategy work for a new Australian digital bank for entrepreneurs and sole traders. Co-led product and the Planning, Design & Build of a new digital bank for a country in the middle east with a growing gen-z population. Worked with the founders of a UK Personal Finance Management app to improve ways of working, develop new ideas for the product and instil sound product principles. Mentored the Head of Product at an SME Lending Fintech and then worked with the CEO to create a refreshed roadmap & product strategy and build out the product team.

And there are many other engagements completed, with others still in progress and exciting projects in the pipeline. So if you’d like to hear more about what I’m doing (for things where I’m not under NDA), then add me on LinkedIn and drop me a message. Or reach out if you’re interested in discussing any of the topics below.


Favourite Topics

  • Customer centric digital banking propositions
  • Practical applications of Open Banking
  • Product principles that lead to pristine propositions (tongue twister)
  • Digital propositions for SMEs and the SME lending landscape
  • Banking-as-a-service. The Pros and well as the Cons


The Lean Methodology, or The Lean Startup Way, is a method of creating products in an iterative way allowing for speedy delivery and a better understanding of whether there is a market for the product. Recently popularised by Eric Reis, a founder of a number of tech companies, it uses a Build -> Measure – > Learn -> Build feedback loop to deliver products with accurate measurement criteria and obtains relevant feedback to allow for the product to be pivoted if necessary. This means that the product is constantly adapting to the market as well as its users and remains relevant and useful.

This is why we are a Lean Consultancy. When brought in to help with a problem we make sure we start small with the right approach and set relevant measurement criteria to determine success. If necessary, we pivot to achieve our ultimate goal…Providing tangible value to our clients and helping them to build better products.

Not exclusively. Although much of the product expertise is transferable for brand-new products where industry knowledge is required, we prefer to stick with Fintech. But that doesn’t mean we’re not open to a conversation.

bit = The smallest increment of data in tech. 1 Byte is 8bits and a bit is either 0 or 1

sul = The last 3 letters towards the end of ‘consult’

Together it represents the art of lean consulting or what we sometimes call ‘tiny consulting’. Going into organisations, looking at mammoth initiatives or products and breaking areas of improvement or development down into smaller manageable pieces.

Most of our engagements start with an introductory call and a mini-discovery session where we ask about you and the business, product, idea or problem area. After that, we’ll summarise our thoughts and send a proposal detailing how we can add value and help you with your product journey. Then we’ll discuss start dates, duration, and phasing of efforts depending on cost parameters and other factors. Then we start helping you on your product journey. 

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